Bengal Kitten

Bengal Cat Kittens For Sale

BENGAL CAT KITTENS FOR SALE.nBengals kittens are handled with lots of gentleness, love, and care from the day they are born. Bengals kittens are born in our Bengal Kitten Nursery and when they are old enough, they go to the designated Bengal Kitten Rooms in our home. And then they are introduced to the rest of the house.

Their experience does not end with your purchase of a Bengal kitten. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to all our clients and are responsive to phone calls. Emails and communications from our clients. Our goal is to develop lasting personal relationships with all our clients and welcome your letters and email updates about your BoydsBengal kitten.

kittens are typically kept with us until they are 12 weeks old. To avoid behavioral problems associated with kittens being separated from their litters too soon. At that time, they will have had their shots, been dewormed. Been fully weaned from its mother. Begun eating solid food and using the litter box. Our Bengal kittens are all checked by our veterinarian prior to leaving our cattery. We want to ensure that our Bengal kittens are socialized at that point to interact with their new family including children and pets.


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