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Bengal Kittens For Sale New Jersey

BENGAL KITTENS FOR SALE NEW JERSEY. When our Bengal babies go their new homes, we send them off with $400 to $500 worth of items. We do this because we love our children, and want them to be happy. When I purchased my initial Bengals, the breeders gave me nothing.

This told me that they did not care about their Bengal Kittens. I do care, and I want all of my babies to be happy. So I send things from our home, to the kittens new home. This way our Bengal Kittens will have things that they are familiar with, and that smell like home. This is important, and helps the kitten to feel more comfortable in a new environment.

We always send three to four weeks worth of wet and dry food along with feeding instructions, and their daily schedules. We do have special items for each baby, that are unique to that child, like their favorite toys, framed picture, and photo albums with pictures from birth till they go home. Most of the other items that we include, are listed below:

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