Pet Type: Cats
Sex. Male
Pet Breed: Bengal Brown Spotted
Advertiser Type: Private Seller
Pet’s Age: Less than 12 Weeks
Microchipped: No
Neutered: No
Registered: No
Location: USA


Bengal Kittens For Sale Chicago

BENGAL KITTENS FOR SALE CHICAGO. We also specialize in type and rosettes along with glitter and pelted coats. I’m a veterinary technician and health is one of our most important issues as well as staying within the breed standard. They are raised underfoot with my two small boys and Great Dane. We spend a great deal of time with the kittens and cats to socialize them as family members. Our kittens come with a written health guarantee, a veterinary physical, up to date vaccinations, pedigree and registration papers.

We believe in raising beautiful exotic-looking, healthy cats with friendly, loving temperaments. We selectively breed for the highest quality possible within the confines of a small, personalized cattery. Our cats and kittens are raise in our home with our retire show and breeding Bengals. We try to have only a few litters a year and usually have a waiting list for our kittens, especially our Chocolate kittens. Please contact us for kitten availability or to get on our waiting list of future planned litters. Kittens are offered to those on our waiting list before we advertise them on our website. Purrfect Dreams produces Brown, Silver, Snow Lynx Point and occasionally we have Chocolates or Charcoals in both spotted/rosetted and marble patterns.

Bengal Kittens For Sale Chicago

Please beware of potential scam ads on Craigslist and on the internet. There have been many reports lately of fake listings of Bengal kittens for sale especially around holidays. Only purchase your kitten from a registered breeder so you can ask questions, see photos and get regular updates on your kitten. Reputable breeders are happy to provide pedigrees and health screening results on each of their studs and queens. Please avoid back yard breeders selling low priced or unregistered kittens. They generally do not provide a health guarantee and often sell sick kittens. Breeding is expensive and seldom profitable once the expenses of health testing, healthcare and housing are factore in.


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