$1,500.00 $800.00

Pet Type: BENGAL MARBLE Kittens
Sex. Female
Pet Breed: Bengal MARBLE
Advertiser Type: Private Seller
Pet’s Age: Less than 12 Weeks
Microchipped: No
Neutered: No
Registered: No
Location: USA


Silver Bengal Cat For Sale

SILVER BENGAL CAT FOR SALE. Firstly, We feel that Bengals are among the brightest and most social of cats and we raise our Bengals as members of the family. Many Bengal Breeders are in fact.Hobby breeders. They work full-time jobs and Breed as a “hobby.” This means that they are limite in how much time they actually dedicate to socializing their kittens.

By contrast, at Lap Leopard Bengals. This is a full-time family-run Passion.There is no other competing job than raising 3 great kids and socializing these awesome kittens! Our kids learn useful responsibility in helping with the daily care and they gain great compassion for animals as they help hand-rear adoring kittens.

Truly the best childhood they could ever have! We definitely feel that there’s a huge difference when kittens are socialized with kids of all ages. As they become much more tolerant. Out-going, affectionate . And social . We pride ourselves on our cattery name LAP LEOPARD. By handling kittens early and often we truly create kittens that crave your attention.

Silver Bengal Cat For Sale

Our website is dedicated more to educating than anything else. We have a continually expanding BLOG that handles common questions, concerns . And just offers additional insight. Our YouTube Channel features our Educational Tutorial Series to help ensure that even experience cat owners know how to avoid the most common cat health problems developed later in life (ie. Kidney disease from lifelong chronic dehydration). Our Breeding Program and Socialization Protocol is based on our background in Molecular Biology . Genetics & Psychology.

This gives a unique understanding in Breeding, cat behavior . And socialization (associative learning.Positive reinforcement, etc) that other Breeders may lack. Our understanding of Pharmacology and evidence-based science means in many ways we know more than most vets do (due to their general lack of cat breeding knowledge . We are constantly keeping up with the current research and expanding our resources in order to be an invaluable champion for you. We are very active within the Bengal community. Our Breeder’s Only area on our website is dedicate to assisting all Buyers of Breeder’s so that we can ensure the best success in those with our Bloodlines! With us, you get an experienced Breeder that will continue to be there for you throughout the life of your Bengal!


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