$1,300.00 $800.00

Pet Type: Black-spotted
Pet Breed: Bengal Brown Spotted
Advertiser Type: Private Seller
Pet’s Age: Less than 12 weeks
Microchipped: No
Vaccinations : Yes
Neutered: No
Registered: No
Location: USA


Silver Bengal Kittens For Sale

SILVER BENGAL KITTENS FOR SALE. Growing kittens are expensive to feed, and it takes a lot of time to socialize them and clean up after them! When you see an inexpensively priced kitten that allows to go home at 8 weeks or earlier. This is a huge red flag. The breeder is trying to cut costs… but at the expense of the kitten.

Kittens that are wean too early are prone to lifelong behavior issues, including fear and aggression. A kitten that goes home between 12-16 weeks old may be a little more expensive due to the extra cost to raise them, and the extra socialization time. But the result is a much more socially develop kitten.

Silver Bengal Kittens For Sale

On the other hand, there may be situations where a kitten is return to a breeder for an unusual circumstance and the breeder is now looking to re-home an older kitten. Kittens nearing adulthood may be priced lower, as the new family may feel like they missed out on kittenhood. This can be a great way to obtain a more “affordable” Bengal, as long as you’re equipped to help the older kitten through a more difficult transition.

SILVER BENGAL KITTENS FOR SALE. The higher the demand for certain Bengals, the greater the cost. Bengals can have many different coat colors, including Brown, Silver, Snow, Charcoal, and Melanistic. There are also a variety of patterns including spots, different types of rosettes and marbling. Different coats and colors may be “trending,” which could lead to higher demand and a higher cost. Some colors are rarer, which can affect the cost as well.

Supply and demand within your geographical area could affect the price as well. Reputable breeders may have a long waitlist of individuals waiting for a Bengal kitten from them, and this can mean higher prices. Or there may simply be more demand in your area than there are good breeders.

And although Bengals are not typically price according to their known skills. A skateboard riding Bengal would probably cost more as well, due to demand for such an impressive cat


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